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Vango Sapera Standard

The Vango Sapera awning is part of Vango’s AirAway series of inflatable tents and awnings. Using innovative ‘AirBeam’ technology and an intelligent, drive away design, this inflatable awning from Vango is certainly something to be desired! The Sapera is an ideal fit for vehicles up to 2.4m in height.View more

Outwell Hollywood Freeway

The Outwell Hollywood Freeway is an awning tent that can be easily attached to any suitable vehicle. It also has the added benefit of being fully freestanding when the vehicle isn’t present, saving you from putting down the tent when using your main mode of transport. The tent itself makes use of a large front canopy for protection against the elementsView more

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Outwell Hollywood Freeway Tall

The Outwell Hollywood Freeway Tall awning is designed for high sided motorhomes where the roof top or drip rail height is between 240 and 290 cm View more

Vango Kela IV Motorhome Awning – Standard, Low & Tall

The Vango AirAway Kela IV is the latest version of an inflatable awning for extending your living space on holidays with caravans, vans or trailers. The AirAway Kela is designed to for different heights of camper vehicles, you simply select the correct height for your vehicle from a choice of low, standard and tall. The special Vango...View more

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