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Vango Spectrum 600

The Vango Spectrum 600 is a six person capacity tent that features the excellent AirBeam inflatable poles. Despite the large size and capacity of this tent, it only makes use of three inflatable beams. This means pitching this tent is very quick and easy, helping to make this model a favourite amongst weekend campers who value their limited time. Another featureView more

Vango Eclipse 600

The Vango Eclipse 600 is an impressive six person tent from popular outdoor gear brand. The most noticeable feature of this tent, upon first inspection, is the large amount of space that is given over to the windows. If you prefer tents that are light and airy, as opposed to dark and dingy then the Vango Eclipse 600 is for you.View more

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Vango Kinetic V 600

The Vango Kinetic V 600 is fully waterproof and also has the tension band system to assist with stability in strong winds. View more

Vango Iris Air 600XL tent

The Vango Iris Air 600XL tent is a great choice as an inflatable family tunnel tent. Vango are renowned as great manufacturers of top quality inflatable AirBeam tents. The tent is easy to erect - simply peg the groundsheet and then use the double action pump to erect the beams - quick and easy for such a large tent. There are no awkward and heavy poles to worryView more

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Vango Icarus Air Vista 600 tent

The Vango Icarus Air Vista 600 is a great choice for family holidays. It does away with conventional poles and replaces them with inflatable beams which are surprisingly rigid. As well as doing away with the weight and bulk of poles, inflatable Airbeam tents are remarkably quick to erect. Under ten minutes should see you pegging out the groundsheet, pumping upView more

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Vango Antrim Air 600XL Tent

The Vango Antrim Air 600XL tent is a great choice for families looking for a good quality inflatable that sleeps six. The tent is easy to inflate and Vango’s Air Beam system is proved to provide a robust and sturdy frame. The flysheet is rated to a hydro static head of 4000 mm and is...View more

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Vango Annecy Air Vista 600XL Tent

The Vango Annecy Air Vista 600XL is an inflatable tent that sleeps 6 people. This is a large tent with king sized bedrooms made from darkened ‘Nightfall’ material to ensure you get a good nights sleep. The tent is made from light weight yet weatherproof  Sentinel Active Plus Fabric –  tested for waterproofness to a...View more