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Outwell Concorde L

The Outwell Concorde L tent uses the impressive Outwell Smart Air One-go Inflation Technology which makes it a breeze to set up. Gone are the days of faffing around in a field trying to work out where each pole belongs and which way round the frame should go. With the great new Outwell Concorde L you simply attach the supplied pump to the single inflation valueView more

Outwell Harrier XL

The Outwell Harrier XL is an large inflatable tent with advanced Smart Air One-Go Inflation Technology that ensures you have a secure and comfortable camping experience! The Harrier XL sleeps six people in three bedrooms – there’s certainly room for all the family. It has a decent sized living area as well as a big front canopy to extend your livingView more

Outwell Hornet XL

The Outwell Hornet XL is ideal for large parties and has been designed to comfortably accommodate six sleepers. The Outwell Hornet XL makes use of a generous canopy and a good amount of side panels. These can be used for storing your excess gear outside of the tent, while still providing it with shelter from the elements. If you have lots of kitchenView more

Outwell Tomcat LP

If you want a large capacity tent but are worried about the prospect of pitching such a big item then the Outwell Tomcat LP is the perfect solution. Not only does it easily accommodate six people, but it also features the Outwell One-Go Inflation Technology. This means that pitching the tent is a piece of cake and simply requires the inflation of the zipped inView more

Vango Spectrum 600

The Vango Spectrum 600 is a six person capacity tent that features the excellent AirBeam inflatable poles. Despite the large size and capacity of this tent, it only makes use of three inflatable beams. This means pitching this tent is very quick and easy, helping to make this model a favourite amongst weekend campers who value their limited time. Another featureView more

Vango Eclipse 600

The Vango Eclipse 600 is an impressive six person tent from popular outdoor gear brand. The most noticeable feature of this tent, upon first inspection, is the large amount of space that is given over to the windows. If you prefer tents that are light and airy, as opposed to dark and dingy then the Vango Eclipse 600 is for you.View more

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Hi Gear Airgo Cirrus 6

The Hi Gear Airgo Cirrus 6 is an inflatable tent that requires no poles - instead you blow up inflatable beams that remain rigid even in strong winds. A stirrup pump is included to blow the tent up with.View more

Vango Kinetic V 600

The Vango Kinetic V 600 is fully waterproof and also has the tension band system to assist with stability in strong winds. View more

Berghaus Air 6XL Tent

The Berghaus Air 6XL Tent is a new addition to this popular range of inflatable family tents. Berghaus Air tents are now a common sight on UK campsites and are available exclusively from the Blacks chain of outdoor stores – Millets, Blacks, Ultimate Outdoors, Millet Sports. You can cut time off setting up camp with the...View more

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Vango Iris Air 600XL tent

The Vango Iris Air 600XL tent is a great choice as an inflatable family tunnel tent. Vango are renowned as great manufacturers of top quality inflatable AirBeam tents. The tent is easy to erect - simply peg the groundsheet and then use the double action pump to erect the beams - quick and easy for such a large tent. There are no awkward and heavy poles to worryView more

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