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Vango Eden V 400

 The Vango Eden V 400 is a luxurious tent that will appeal to those who prefer a bit more comfort and convenience when camping out in the great outdoors. The outer shell of this four man capacity tent is made from a rich Polycotton fabric which is a great choice for tents. This fabric is not only breathable but is also waterproof ensuring you get the bestView more

Vango Genesis 400

The Vango Genesis 400 is ideal for small families looking for a quick to inflate and deflate tent that is ideal for weekends and short breaks. It will also be appreciated by couples who appreciate camping with plenty of space. View more

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Outwell Corvette M

The Outwell Corvette M is a stylish four person inflatable tunnel tent. The Corvette M uses Outwells inflatable AIR system which ensures that the tent is quick to put up and nice and secure if the wind gets up. Three inflatable tubes replace poles and are quickly blown up via external valve points. The living room...View more

Vango Capri 400

The Vango Capri 400 is an affordable inflatable tunnel tent that sleeps 4 people. In addition to ample sleeping quarters, a generous living area and built in extended porch are provided. The Capri 400 is quick to pitch as the flysheet and inner tent can be pitched as one and inflation is rapid with the...View more

Berghaus Air 4 XL Tent

The Berghaus Air 4 XL Tent is the latest addition to the Berghaus collection of inflatable Air tents. The 4 XL sleeps 4 people but is a much bigger version than the Berghaus Air 4 The Berghaus Air 4 XL is quick to erect. Simply peg the floor with the steel pegs supplied and then...View more

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Airgo Stratus 400

The Airgo Stratus 400 tent is NO LONGER MANUFACTURED. Check Ebay here for secondhand Stratus 400 tents, porches, carpets and footprints. The Airgo Stratus 400 tent is an inexpensive yet sturdy inflatable tent that sleeps up to four people. A stirrup pump is supplied and the tent can be pumped up in minutes. This is...View more

Eurohike Air 400 Tent

  The Eurohike Air 400 tent is a remarkably good value inflatable tent that is ideal for festivals and spring to autumn camping. Of course, much higher specification tents are available for more money but the Eurohike Air 400 is a great option for those looking to get started with an inflatable tent. The Eurohike...View more

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Outwell Airville 4SA Tent

Part of Outwell’s Smart Air range, the Outwell Airville 4SA Tent is a high quality 4 person inflatable tent. Pitching is easily done by connecting the pump that is provided to valves in each of the air tubes and securing the tent with the colour coded pegs. The Airville 4 SA has two bedrooms that...View more

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Eurohike Genus Air 400 Tent

The Eurohike Genus 400 Air is an inflatable tunnel tent that sleeps 4 people. This is one of the most affordable air tents on the market but is still a great choice for short summer camping breaks. The Eurohike Genus 400 tent is fully waterproof and has been tested to a hydrostatic head of 3000...View more

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Berghaus Air 4.1

The Berghaus Air 4.1 is a compact and sturdy inflatable tent that sleeps four people. Although the tent is considerably cheaper than similar Vango and Outwell inflatable tents, you still benefit from the technical expertise from  leading outdoor equipment firm Berghaus. The tent sleeps four people in the pre attached bedroom compartment. A removable divider...View more

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