Vango Icarus Air Vista 600 tent

The Vango Icarus Air Vista 600 is a great choice for family holidays. It does away with conventional poles and replaces them with inflatable beams which are surprisingly rigid. As well as doing away with the weight and bulk of poles, inflatable Airbeam tents are remarkably quick to erect. Under ten minutes should see you pegging out the groundsheet, pumping up the beams and fixing the guy lines – then you can relax and watch the rest of the campsite faff around putting their tents with poles up.

 The flysheet on the Vango Icarus Air Vista 600 has taped seams and is waterproof. The Vista 600 now has an extensive front awning which has two doors that can be opened separately and king poled out to increase your living space - it gives lots of options to your camping setup. Large windows give a good view of the campsite and let lots of light into the living area. The flysheet is made from Vango Protex 70 denier fabric and is tested to a hydrostatic head of 4000 mm. The inner tent is lightweight and the tent has plenty of ventilation. The doors have mesh options to keep bugs out whilst air still flows through the tent.

There is ample living space in the Icarus Air Vista 600 and Vango include plenty of storage space in the porch area. The king sized bedrooms are large enough to take double airbeds and darker fabris stops early morning light from waking you up. The tent weighs 26.95kg and packs down to L70.0 x H44.0 x W44.0 cm. Included is an expandable tent bag with an oversized wide opening makes it simpler to pack away at the end of your holiday.

Buying the Vango Icarus Air Vista 600

The Vango Icarus Air 600 is a great choice for a large family tent and is currently available exclusively from Go Outdoors