Vango Annecy Air Vista 600XL Tent

The Vango Annecy Air Vista 600XL is an inflatable tent that sleeps 6 people. This is a large tent with king sized bedrooms made from darkened 'Nightfall' material to ensure you get a good nights sleep. The tent is made from light weight yet weatherproof  Sentinel Active Plus Fabric -  tested for waterproofness to a hydro static head of 4000 mm. The seams are all taped to keep moisture out. The waterproof polyurethane groundsheet is fully sewn in to keep out water, draughts and insects. The Vango Annecy Air Vista 600XL Tent is erected by quickly inflating the AirBeam structure with the double action pump that is supplies. The tent is then pegged out in the usual way. Deflating the tent to pack away is quick and easy. The AirBeams create a rigid and strong structure that is highly resistant to strong winds. A tension band system is fitted to brace the tent in high winds. The Vango Annecy Air Vista 600XL features a built in front door, handy side door with a cover and has integrated mesh doors to allow airflow in hot weather. Lots of cable entry points, a flexible SkyTrack hanging system and lantern points allow you to customise the living space. Other features include luminous guy lines, an expandable carry bag and bedroom storage pockets. Check below for the latest prices, voucher codes and special offers to get a low price when buying the Vango Annecy Air Vista 600XL Tent. Available later in 2022.