Outwell Hornet XL

The Outwell Hornet XL is ideal for large parties and has been designed to comfortably accommodate six sleepers. The Outwell Hornet XL makes use of a generous canopy and a good amount of side panels. These can be used for storing your excess gear outside of the tent, while still providing it with shelter from the elements. If you have lots of kitchen or cooking gear then housing them in these areas can save you a lot of interior space.
To enhance the living space and create a feeling of spaciousness, the 2014 Hornet XL features a generous amount of windows. Each window has been fitted with toggle up curtains as well as being tinted. This ensures the sun and prying eyes are kept out, while you still have a view of the outside world.
The Outwell Hornet XL is the perfect choice for those seeking a tent with a spacious interior, while still being very easy to pitch.