Outwell Concorde M

The Outwell Concorde M is the middle sized model in Outwell's 'Smart Air' range of inflatable tents. This tent has blow up poles and you simply plug the dual action tent pump into the single valve and blow it up. All the inflatable tubes flow off the single ridge tube, but in the event of a puncture an isolation valve prevents the tent collapsing.

The Outwell Concorde M tent sleeps five people in a 3 +2 bedroom arrangement, although a zipped divider means that a single sleeping compartment can be created. A large 2.6m x 3.6m living area is in the front of the Concorde M but this can be extended further with the purchase of an additional front extension or front awning.

Large panoramic windows give the Outwell Concorde M a spacios feel but the windows are tinted to reduce the chances of the tent overheating and give some privacy. Curtains are of course also included. Easy access and ventilation is provided by the large entrance door and two side doors. The tent ismade from Outwell's Airtec polycotton material which is much more breathable than the usual tent polyester material.

The Outwell Concorde M includes Outwell tent innovations such as their Floating guy line and easy pegging systems. Also included are cable tidies, lamp holders and reinforced patches on stress points. This is a great value tent for families looking for high quality at an affordable price.