Vango Evoque 400

The Vango Evoque 400 is a large capacity tent that comes with two separate bedroom compartments which make it the ideal choice for anyone looking for a six person tent. The tent also features the Vango AirBeam technology which means pitching this tent is a very straightforward process. The inflatable tent poles take all the effort and stress out of setting up a tent and will be greatly appreciated by many campers.
There is also a zip on canopy available for the Vango Evoque 400 which makes increasing the capacity and space provided very easy. The design of the Vango Evoque 400 also includes PVC windows which ensure those inside get a great view of their surroundings as well as lots of daylight to go about their tasks. The windows all feature curtains so when it comes to bedtime, the light can be kept out without any problems.
If you are doing any camping in crowded sites such as festivals, then the reflective guy lines will come in very handy, both when it comes to pitching in the dark and also preventing walkers from tripping over them in the night. The tent also comes with handy guy line holders for ensuring that these essential items aren’t mislaid at any point.