Vango Eden V 400

 The Vango Eden V 400 is a luxurious tent that will appeal to those who prefer a bit more comfort and convenience when camping out in the great outdoors. The outer shell of this four man capacity tent is made from a rich Polycotton fabric which is a great choice for tents. This fabric is not only breathable but is also waterproof ensuring you get the best of both worlds. Whether it’s raining or sunny outside, you would be kept comfortable, no matter what the weather and with no sign of condensation.

One of the highlights of the Vango Eden V 400 is the huge front opening. It’s an eye catching feature and makes this tent the perfect choice for those who appreciate a great view. Campers who enjoy sitting out front in the open air will love the large sun canopy that doubles up as a rain shield. The large front porch area is also ideal for drying damp clothes and keeping muddy shoes out of the tent while ensuring they don’t go missing overnight.
The list of features on this high end tent from Vango is very extensive. The inflatable poles make the Vango Eden V 400 very easy to pitch thanks to the Vango AirBeam technology in use. If pitching the tent is the least favourite part of your camping trips then you will be pleased to know that this one can be ready for use in just 10 minutes and with very little effort involved.
If you want a luxurious, high quality tent that is very easy to pitch and features a large sheltered front porch area then look no further than the Vango Eden V 400.