Outwell Corvette M

The Outwell Corvette M is a stylish four person inflatable tunnel tent. The Corvette M uses Outwells inflatable AIR system which ensures that the tent is quick to put up and nice and secure if the wind gets up. Three inflatable tubes replace poles and are quickly blown up via external valve points. The living room is spacious and each of the two berooms sleeps two people.
Outwell Corvette M tent features include:
  • luminous guy ropes to avoid trips and falls
  • a lamp holder and cable tidies
  • Mesh storage pockets
  • Reinforcement patches
  • Adjustable pegging points
  • A two-way pump for quick inflation
  • A waterproof flysheet with taped seams and a hydrostatic head of 5000 mm
  • A side door for easy entry
  • Spacious windows, with curtains to allow you to control light and privacy
  • Spacious living area
The Corvette weighs 17.9 kg and of course there are no bulky poles to transport. Check below for offers and low prices when buying an Outwell Corvette M tent