Airgo Stratus 400

The Airgo Stratus 400 tent is NO LONGER MANUFACTURED. Check Ebay here for secondhand Stratus 400 tents, porches, carpets and footprints. The Airgo Stratus 400 tent is an inexpensive yet sturdy inflatable tent that sleeps up to four people. A stirrup pump is supplied and the tent can be pumped up in minutes. This is a small straightforward tent so the Airgo Stratos 400 is inflated from a single valve - the air goes into the rigid beams that keep everything strong and rigid. All that is left to do is peg out the tent and start enjoying camp site life. The beams are double skinned to ensure there are no leaks of air. The Hi Gear Airgo Stratus 400 has a single bedroom at the back of the tent and lots of storage space in the porch space. There is enough room to sit in the porch in wet weather and it is 2 metres tall in the centre allowing you to stand up. The bedroom is made from breathable fabric and 3 vents help to ensure that condensation does not become a problem. The Airgo Stratus 400 tent has lots of neat features such as side storage pockets, a carry bag and a repair kit. The 3 large windows to give views over the camp site. The tent is 3150 mm wide and 4900 mm long. The flysheet on the The Airgo Stratus 4 is made from 150 dernier polyester material which has been tested to a hydrostatic head of 6000 mm meaning that it is nice and waterproof.