Who Makes the Best Inflatable Tents?

When it comes to choosing an inflatable tent, sorting through the multitude of options on offer can seem like a bewildering proposition. There are many manufactures and different models to choose from but at the end of the day, the two best producers of inflatable tents are Outwell and Vango.  If you are familiar with camping equipment, then these two names will already be known to you as they make exceedingly reliable and great value items, such as sleeping bags, back packs and other essential outdoor equipment.

The range of inflatable tents from Outwell and Vango are called Smart Air and AirBeam respectively and cover a wide range of price points and tent sizes to ensure that no matter what your budget or size of your camping party, there should be an inflatable tent that meets your requirements.

Vango tent logo

Standout items from the Vango AirBeam range include the Flux 200, which is a two person tent and is ideal for short breaks and weekend trips. The Vango AirBeam Flux 200 tent is the entry level model but is still packed with great features that will ensure your trip goes as smoothly as possible. If you are travelling in a larger party then the Vango AirBeam Shangri-La might be more suitable to your needs as this inflatable tent can comfortably accommodate up to eight people. Despite being large in size, the Vango Shangri-La tent can be erected in just 10 minutes thanks to the quick inflating properties of the AirBeam technology.

Vango AirBeam Exodus 600 tent video


Outwell tent logo

As well as Vango, Outwell also have some great inflatable tents as part of their Smart Air range. The inflatable tents on offer from Outwell are centred on the Concorde model which comes in a range of sizes and variations to suit groups of all sizes.   The tents in the Concorde series use the Outwell One-Go Inflation Technology. These tents come ready with a pump, which allows them to be inflated in seconds.

Outwell Smart Air tent video:


Kampa logo

Meanwhile Kampa have applied the inflatable tent principle to make inflatable caravan awnings. These are both lightweight and quick to put up which is proving a great hit with British caravanners  looking for an easy life at the campsite.

Kampa inflatable caravan awning video:


If you have a camping trip planned and need to upgrade your tent, choosing one of the new inflatable tents will help ensure your holiday gets off to a great start with the least amount of stress and fuss possible.