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Eurohike Air 400 Tent

  The Eurohike Air 400 tent is a remarkably good value inflatable tent that is ideal for festivals and spring to autumn camping. Of course, much higher specification tents are available for more money but the Eurohike Air 400 is a great option for those looking to get started with an inflatable tent. The Eurohike...View more

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Eurohike Genus Air 400 Tent

The Eurohike Genus 400 Air is an inflatable tunnel tent that sleeps 4 people. This is one of the most affordable air tents on the market but is still a great choice for short summer camping breaks. The Eurohike Genus 400 tent is fully waterproof and has been tested to a hydrostatic head of 3000...View more

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Eurohike Genus 800 Air Tent

The Eurohike Genus 800 Air Tent is an ideal choice for large groups and families who want an inexpensive way to own an inflatable tent. Despite it’s low price tag, the Genus 800 air tent is fully waterproof and has a host of features. The  Eurohike Genus 800 Air is a tunnel tent which has two large bedrooms on either side of a spacious living area.View more

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Eurohike Air 600 Tent

The Eurohike Air 600 Tent is a simple yet weatherproof inflatable tent for trips quick simple trips away with family and friends. The Air 600 tent can be piched in minutes by inflating the high performance air tubes and pegging out. The bedroom can be divided in two for groups that require some privacy. Additional...View more

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Eurohike Genus Air Shelter

The Eurohike Genus Air Shelter is ideal for use in the garden meeting family or friends. Reasonably priced and quick to inflate, the Eurohike Genus Shelter provides protection from rain and give shade from strong sunlight. The shelter can be inflated and pegged out I around 10 minutes. The shelter is sold as a straightforward...View more

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